Geographic Interest Networks: The Future of WAMFT

In the Summer of 2017, AAMFT voting members voted in favor of changing the structure of the association to go from a 2-tier Association and Division to a 1-tier Association system with component programs, also called Interest Networks.

The passing of the vote initiated a number of changes that improve member choices and streamline leadership roles. 

From the outside, changes will appear minimal! Members have shared with us that they value the conferences, articles, and legislative advocacy that the division has always offered. We're keeping and improving on all of these benefits to our members. The Wisconsin interest network's application identified three foci:

  • Education - This subcommittee provides high-quality conferences, both in-person and distance. Look for new opportunities to include monthly online presentations and forums to help students, mentors, supervisors, and seasoned and emerging professionals in the field of MFT, including updates from the interest network. The Education subcommittee is also tasked with providing articles and resources to members to help move the practice of MFTs forward.
  • Networking - This subcommittee brings everyone together! It works closely with the Education subcommittee to help bring conference attendees together and capitalize on the moments that our members are together. They utilize online forums to help connect members who have a similar goal, such as students who want to study for the MFT exam together, or roundtables to discuss trends in the profession or in areas of the state.
  • Advocacy - This is the legislative arm of the interest network. Working closely with the Family TEAM and our state lobbyist, the members of this subcommittee keep their ears and eyes on the capitol and informs membership of bills that are proposed that impact the practice and license of MFTs in the state and beyond.

We know you have more questions, and we want to give you all the answers we can as this process moves along. Please feel free to add a Comment under this article if you have a question, or send an email at any time to We'll keep updating questions and answers on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.